En la isla de Nadia

Since several months we have been working on a short film called “La Isla de Nidia” (Nidia’s Island). The story starts at Terra Nova’s shores where a fishing boat coming from the Basque Country sends its sailors to look for codfish. One of the sailors, Iker Mendizábal,  gets lost in the sea and ends up casting away in an island where there is only one inhabitant, Nidia. Soon after that Iker realizes that at nights there is another girl who also lives in the island, Diomara, and he starts a relationship with both of them, Nidia helps him get ready to leave the island during the day and Diomara loves him at nights, after 6 years of this he gets tire of the routine and decides to leave the island, but then he discovers the true linking between the two women.

This short story was written by Angel Mota, author based in Montréal, and it is inspired on that period of time around the 1500’s when basque an french sailors navigated to the shores of Terra Nova in the Gaspésie peninsula an even to the Tadoussac harbor looking for whale’s oil and codfish. This commercial activities ended up developing important relations with the natives nowadays there are proofs of the existence of european products, and activities, not to mention the basque language that is present until now in Quebec and therefor we can find places such as îlle aux Basques or Port aux Basques that where founded by this sailors and that are part of the Canadian historic heritage.

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