Imagine: Sand – Vídeo corporatiu

We have just finished the creation of the trailer for the show: “Imagine: Sand”, from “@The The Hermit Hut Collective”, conformed by Sanna Toivanen and Moni Castillo. The music from that video was made by AxisOrca Aurélien Landy Gana and Carola Ortiz). It was a pleasure to work with both creations. The video was shot in the Fénix theatre, thanks to them for the space. This project belongs to a supporting plan for artistic projects at an affordable price for the company, being conscious of Barcelona’s hard situation to make a living on arts.
Credits from the work:

The Hermit Hut Collective presents:

The Hermit Hut Collective are Monica I. Castillo and Sanna Toivanen
FB: The Hermit Hut Collective

Music by: AxisOrca
Video by: Plaetix

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